Cast & Crew

​The Caravan Key Crew List

         Producer - Edward Rastelli-Lewis     Director -  Simon Powell         

     Cinematographer - Daniel Nightingale   Editor -  Simon Dinnigan     

  Casting Director -  Dorothy Andrew C.D.G   Line Producer - Ian Murray                     

​​Writtenby Chris Green
Based upon an Original Idea by Mark Sheals & Darren Connolly

Additional Writing by Simon Powell     


Costume Designer - Marie Miller    Make up Designer - Anne Heath

Production Designer-Anne Gry Skoudal    Sound Recordist - Joe Nattrass                 

Key Grip - Lee Naylor-Vain         Gaffer - Mike Archer

A full Crew list can be found on IMDB

(Alternatively a almost full crew picture can be seen below)

​Our Cast

Keith Langley - Mark Sheals

James Langley - Darren Connolly
Elaine - Shirley Henderson

Eric - Jim Cartwright

Shelly - Katherine Rose-Morley

Donald - Perry Fritzpatrick

Becky - Karen Hassan

William Carter - Paul Hurstfield

Jean - Wendy Patterson

Danny - Jonathan Ojinnaka

John - Julian Gorman

Young Georgina - Gemma Paige North

Young James - Louie Connolly

Donald Friend “James” - Joel Morris

Donald Friend “Harry” - Rory Gallagher  

Bob - Dennis Bleach

Receptionist - Claudia Mirallegro